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The Timex Torture Test

Timex Torture Test

The Timex Torture Test. It takes a lickin’. 

The Timex Torture Test advertising was used in TV ads, a series made popular by celebrity newscaster John Cameron Swayze who hosted the iconic television ad campaign, A number of these ads also featured sports celebrities who doled out the tough treatment to the watches and/or supplied an endorsing statement.

A Non-celebrity Timex Torture Test Ad Campaign.

Swayze also hosted non-celebrity Timex Torture Test ads in which the watch would be subject to other trials, sometimes a watch would be placed in a washing machine or attached to the bow of a speed boat into the Colorado rapids.

Swayze had made a name for himself as a broadcaster and became a trusted national personality and a believable pitchman for Timex. For over 20 years well into the 1970’s. Mr. Swayze appeared in the advertising series with one kind of Timex watch or another being subject to various physical challenges to prove their durability, shock resistance, and their superior watch water resistance.