Watch Repair Tool Kit


If you are looking for a set of specialty tools to repair your watch, even something that you’d imagine to be so simple such as changing a battery can be difficult. Never fear this is the perfect watch repair kit for you. With tools such as mini long nose pliers, a watch hammer and watch case knife this is the perfect watch repair kit for you.



Imagine purchasing that “perfect birthday watch” for your partner only to have them put the watch on and notice that the band is “JUST TOO BIG”. Now the next steps that you take are, call around, possibly make a trip to the mall or go to a jeweler only to pay an additional fee to have them resize the watch.

Truthfully, it can be a pain, and somewhat expensive, the process to track down a jeweler, a watch repair store, or to take the chance in letting a kid at the mall to do this so. Not even counting the time to take out of your schedule. It’s time to purchase this watch tool kit and do it yourself. The best part is that the person that you’ve purchased that awesome (now) perfectly sized Invicta Mickey Mouse Watch without the hassle or expense.

The Best Watch Repair Kit for Beginners

The hammer comes with two plastic tips you can change out on one side of the hammer (as the other side is metal). The kit also comes with a watch hammer block (in which to place the watch band inside to knock the pins out), for punches in different diameters for the watch band pins, a screw-type pin remover, a tool to release the pins securing the watch itself to the bands, and a small container of additional watch band pins. There are no real instructions needed to use the kit whatsoever.

It has every tool you need an unless you somehow have the need to adjust the pallet hammer or replace the canon pin, you can replace batteries and resize watch bracelets using this watch repair kit with no problem. Please remember these are watch link removal tools. They will break if you use excess force or are impatient.

If you need instructions on how to use a watch repair toolkit, look at the video below!

The Watch Tool Kit includes the following tools:
• (1) Pin remover
• (1) Mini long nose pliers—length: 5”
• (3) Precision screwdrivers—length: 2-½”
• (1) Screwdriver—length: 2-¼”
• (1) Mini screwdriver—length: 1-¼”
• (1) Watch belt block—dimensions: 2” x 1” x 2”
• (3) Pin punches
• (1) Pin pusher—length: 3-⅜
• (1) Watch case opener—length: 5”
• (1) Pair of non-magnetic tweezers—length: 5-¼”
• (1) Watch hammer—length: 7-¾”
• (1) Watch case knife—length: 4-½”

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Does the tapered knife remove the watch back easily?
A: The knife blade is tapered and depending on the watch it may remove the back easily.

Q: Will this watch repair kit work with small push screws?
A: This repair kit does several different repairs. For shortening watch bands the punches in this kit would remove most or all watch band pins.

Q: Can this be used on Invicta watches?
A: Of course! This can be used on Invicta watches. Take a look at the tutorial given by Big John, the watch geek, below.

Q: Are all of the three precision screwdrivers the same size?
A: Yes! All of the three precision screwdrivers are the same size.

Q: Will the opener tool open a 42mm diameter casing?
A: Yes! The opener tool will open a 42mm diameter casing.

Q: Is this a universal also known as an international watch tool kit?
A: This is a a universal watch tool kit.

Q: Does this tool kit come with watch replacement pins?
A: Unfortunately no, it does not come with replacement pins.

Q: Can this watch kit be used to replace batteries?
A: Of course it can be used to replace batteries. Otherwise, this kit would not be available at Mimi’s On Main!