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Look Them in the Eye


What do you expect from the way you dress or the watch you wear.  We could ask this questions many times over the years and more than likely your answer would be different, at least it is for me. So why even ask? I think from my perspective our watches at Mimi’s On Main get us noticed, but it that the best way to be noticed?

Anyone that has known me would say that I have become more conservative in many ways.  In the area of clothes back in the day it was said I was a flashy dresser. Today I dress for comfort and not so much flash. We can ask why we do different things and how we act and there could be many answers to that question but I have been on the quest to answer that about me.

I have a good friend in the jewelry business and he has great taste in his clothes and accessories including watches and jewelry. I have learned so much from Yoav and consider him as one of my five best friends.  Yoav finally has my attention when it comes to watches and jewelry.  I am much more conservative now.  My very best friend is Herb and have known him for many years. I shall never forget the time I met him, he was dressed as a clown.  That started a long friendship and I have learned so from Herb and we both have become more conservative.

My other friend included in the top five is Darrin and the things I have learned from him is monumental. Darrin wears a watch but is a very low key guy in the area of dress. I will say when someone meets Darrin he is not one you forget.

This brings me to Isaac, one of my grandsons. I have three grandsons and love each of them and they are equally important to me.  I was talking to Isaac this morning about several things but the points I want to bring out are three things important to me and my other grandsons as well.

I always encourage them and others when meeting someone is to look them in the eye, a firm handshake and one that Isaac added to this, he wants to be remembered for good or bad. This brings this altogether because many times how we dress is how we have attempted to be remembered.

These are to be remembered!

Look Them in the Eye

A Firm Handshake

Be Remembered

Be You.