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Types of Watch Bands Explained.

You can be a watch collector with many watches or just getting started. Either way you can change up the look of your watch by having multiple watch bands for your collection.  When choosing a watch band keep in mind the dimension between the lugs on your watch.  Examples could be 16 mm, 20 mm just be sure to buy the correct watch strap.

Watch bands come in many different styles. There are exotic bands available such as alligator bands, crocodile bands,  lizard bands and of course a wide variety of casual bands. When choosing a watch band let it match tour personality.  Here is a little bit of information about the various watch bands available for purchase at Mimi’s On Main.

Apple Watch Bands

You have many opportunities to accessorize your Apple Watches with Apple Watch Bands. The Apple Watches have become such a phenomenon and everyone wants to ask you, is that an Apple Watch? This is even more so when you customize the look with one of the many watch bands for the Apple Watch.

Exotic Watch Bands

Exotic watch bands can include any of the reptiles, birds, fish and including shark. When you upgrade your watch with an exotic watch band it takes that combo to new heights.

Ostrich Watch Bands

About 15 years ago I purchased a Nicolet Automatic watch that came with an Ostrich Band. I still have the original band on my Nicolet Watch and when I wear it I still get compliments for the band and the watch.  The Ostrich Band has  a very classy look and will pair with any of your watches but so much better  for your high end time pieces. A great pairing of your Watch with an Ostrich Bands could be boots, belts or wallets. My best friend Herb has several items made of Ostrich skin.

Alligator Skin Watch Bands

I have seen alligators in the wild and in captivity  I  must say I want the word to be seen but I do have an Invicta Speedway Watch that came with an alligator band. The band gave my watch a very upscale appearance. I occasionally get asked about a watch I am wearing so I usually take it off and let them have a look.  They are more times than not very impressed when they see what the band is. I believe the coolest part of the Alligator Bands, they  are available in many different colors which allows you a great deal of customization.

Crocodile Skin Watch Bands

I have seen crocodiles in captivity only and I want to keep it that way. However I have an Android Watch with a Crocodile Band and I get a lot of compliments on the pairing. I believe the Crocodile Bands offer you a special way to customize your watch for your wearing pleasure.

Shark Skin Watch Bands

No fear here with the Shark Skin Watch bands the  bands don’t bite. The Shark Skin Bands offers you the wearer an unique experience.  I asked a friend  about his Shark Skin Band and he told me there is nothing else like it and he just loved the texture of the band.

Silicone Watch Bands silicone watch band

The silicone watch bands are made of silicone rubber and are very comfortable bands to the wearer of the watch. The silicone watch bands can have stitching and also be embossed for stylistic looks.  I have several watches with silicone bands and they are very comfortable. 

Polyurethane Watch Bands

Some of my first watches came with Polyurethane Straps.  I had an Invicta Bolt that was one of my favorites with the polyurethane.  A long story but my house was broken into so I never will have that one again. What I enjoy about the Polyurethane Band is comfort and its toughness even if you are perspiring so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Nylon Watch Bands

I have a large collection of watches and I do have a watch with the nylon braided band. This makes for a knock around watch. Here is the band I like to wear my working in the yard.  The Nylon Band is an inexpensive alternative if you perspire like I do.

Paracord Watch Bands paracord watch band

Paracord watch bands are made out of parachute cord. I do not have a watch with the paracord bracelet but I have a couple paracord bracelets that compliment several of my watches. The whole purpose of the paracord is their strength. 

Wood Watch Bands

You can actually have a watch case and watch bracelet crafted out of different kinds of wood.  The links are independently crafted and then assembled  with  with pressure or screw pens which allows  for great comfort.  I fell in love with the Zebra wood watch bracelet.  Wow the one we offer made from sandalwood and stainless steel commands a lot of looks.

Ceramic Watch Bands

This is not your grandmother’s ceramic. This ceramic for watches and watch bands has a manufacturing process that is quite complex.  The polishing process uses diamonds in the polishing process. The color of the watch band is all the way through so it won”t change color.  A huge advantage, as a watch geek buddy told me he had a couple of the ceramics and they look good as new, year after year. Another great selling point they can be cleaned with soap and water.

As you can see we carry a wide variety of watch straps and bands at Mimi’s On Main. We hope you decide to buy one of the various types of watch bands that have available.