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How to Add or Remove Watch Links

how to use a watch repair kit that you purchase at mimis on main

Hello, this is John the Watch Geek from here at Mimi’s On Main. I am going to show you a watch repair kit that we offer here at Mimi’s. This kit is helpful if you need to either lengthen your watch band or if you need to shorten your watch bracelet.

What should come with your watch repair kit?

Enclosed in the watch repair tool kit will be a watch belt block. This block will hold your watch bracelet to assist in removing links from your bracelet. This block will accommodate several size bracelets.

Also, enclosed with the watch repair kit will be a red handled blade. The red handled blade will assist with removing pressed on watch backs! The next item here assists with screw down backs which is adjustable for different size watches.

Add or Remove Watch Links

Additionally, included with your watch tools are small screwdrivers, and let’s not leave out the trusty hammer. Remember the saying,  “if something doesn’t work get a bigger hammer.” This is not true when it comes to watches!

Now let’s remove some links. You will notice that in the inside of the bracelet there are arrows so you want to press those pins out in the down direction. Try to remove the same number of links on each side. This will prevent a lopsided watch case!

With the links out on both sides put your watch on your wrist to be sure you have removed enough links. To reassemble your watch bracelet you should do the opposite of the initial process. Now remember the pins go in on the opposite side of how they were removed. At this point you should be good to go with your watch. There is one last thing to remember, if you’re like me we don’t show off, we just make things look good.  😉 

A great watch repair repair kit

If you’re interested in the best watch kit for changing watch links, we have a fabulous watch kit here for sale at Mimi’s On Main. Check it out!