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Don’t buy a fake watch. Here’s why.

how to spot a fake or replica watch

Why buy a fake watch? Well if you are a true collector then you would not want a fake watch and here are some reasons why.

Cheap Watches Stain. People.

The cheapest of cheap fake watches have  a brass/copper base metal. An authentic watch can crafted from stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum or even plating. And take in mind, that they should be plated over stainless steel, not an alloy. The Invicta manufacturing process of plating ensures that there is no discoloration and a long life as a beautiful watch.

Fake watches are noisy. 

Listen to the fake watch close to your ear! An authentic watch, primarily Invicta watches are  normally crafted with a mechanical or an automatic watch movement, all are very quiet. The Swiss watch movement has many precision parts and work very quietly together. The fake watches  have fewer parts which are often of inferior quality, making the watch a much “noisier watch”.

Replica Watches Can Have Major Flaws

Examine the quality of the watch, look for mistakes and mismatches. Use a jewelers loop, which normally comes in a standard watch repair kit and you can tell the difference. I can recall a time when I purchased a magnificent Rolex replica. I was happy at first. Then my wrist turned green.

Caveat Emptorfake watches replica watches

I was asked if I would sell the fake watch that turned colors and the strange thing was, when I showed the gentleman what happened to me, he bought the watch anyway. Any other time I wouldn’t have sold the watch,  but he assured me that he wanted it and he gave me ten bucks.

Look At The Engraving

Look at the engraving on the watch.  Do you see discoloration where it was engraved. The better Swiss watches are not plated so look at the color of the plating.  If someone is selling you a used watch that it supposed to be real look the finish over very closely, you may be holding a replica.

The Proverbial Fake Rolexfake rolex watch

I had a friend that was asked to purchase a Rolex, he told me that the watch had to be the lightest watch he’s ever held. So moral to the story. The weight of the watch can be a give away as well. There are fakes that can be heavier but most are not.

There you have it. Though at times it may seem to make sense to buy a replica watch, honestly, it’s just not worth the time or the money.