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Automatic Mechanical Watches Are Different Than Quartz Watches

Automatic Mechanical Watches With Transparent Back

The motion of automatic mechanical watches are often preferred more than quartz movements for luxury watches as a result of the level of quality and craftsmanship of mechanical actions. Skillfully created by professional watchmakers, these movements contain a sophisticated series of small parts interacting to power the timepiece. Although the standard design of mechanical watches hasn’t changed much in centuries, technology has allowed for more accurate engineering and a greater attention-to-detail.

An automatic mechanical watch movement uses energy from a wound spring, rather than a battery, to power the watch. This spring stores energy and transfers it through a series of gears and springs, regulating the release of energy to power the watch.

Automatic mechanical watches will still need to be wound at regular intervals, however the differences between an automatic mechanical and manual are dramatically different. A watch worn every day will maintain timekeeping functions without winding. If the watch hasn’t been worn for a substantial period of time, about a week or so the watch will need to be wound to gain initial power.